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Hello and thanks for dropping by! My goal is to provide quality hands on instruction in real Wing Tsun Kung Fu to anybody that is genuinely interested in this amazing system of Self-Defense and all the great health and fitness benefits that you will acquire from it.

I am also one of only a few Wing Tsun instructors in the USA that offer Authentic Hong Kong style Gwo Sau Chi Sau tactile training. Gwo sau tactile training enables you to wean yourself away from the initial Chi Sau two man forms (sections) and spontaneously apply the movements\reactions. Gwo Sau training removes most of the involvement of the brains slow decision making process so that the movements become involuntary reflexes. You just react!


Wing Tsun is the most practical and efficient system of hand to hand self-defense ever devised. Wing Tsun is authentic Chinese Kung Fu that does not rely on size, strength, or toughness, as these factors are usually in favor of the attacker. Wing Tsun is an intelligent Kung Fu System that utilizes proper body mechanics, super efficient limb movement, explosive whipping power, and simple logic. With roots over 200 years old in Southern China, Wing Tsun was devised to be learned rapidly and to make its user proficient in a short period of time. Wing Tsun is also very fun to learn and very addictive!


Reality based Self-Defense
Direct & Efficient
None telegraphed close range strikes
Swarming non-stop attack
Opponent displacing footwork
Short power generation
Whipping striking force
Stand up fighting
Superior contact reflex development


Super easy to learn
Small classes to facilitate quicker learning
Practical & realistic self-defense
Simultaneous offense & defense
Common sense concepts and principles
No high or fancy kicking
Simple and natural footwork
No hard powerful blocks
No tournaments or competitions
Flexible and alive movements
Real Kung Fu from Southern China

Wing Tsun Kung Fu offers so much more than just learning how to physically defend yourself. One particularly important key to health is staying active, moving your body, and keeping body joints pliable. As you age, you lose elasticity in your joints and connective tissue and suddenly, you can end up feeling pain doing the simplest of tasks, like tying your shoes or walking up the stairs. Wing Tsun movement sets and exercises are ideal for keeping your body moving and your mind sharp. Wing Tsun Kung Fu can also help you to improve the following:

Get you off the couch!
Cardiovascular Fitness
Muscle tone
Concentration\Mental Sharpness
Situational Awareness
Self Confidence
I CAN DO attitude

Plus you get the added benefits of meeting new people, and having a lot of fun! It's a great way to unwind your day and work on yourself!


Wing Tsun Kung Fu skills can easily be acquired by the average male or female of modest physical ability. Wing Tsun Kung Fu is fun, easy, and safe way to learn Self-Defense.

You will be able to utilize basic Wing Tsun Kung Fu skills after your first day! Wing Tsun movements are natural and easy to learn. They do not require body or limb contortion, brute strength, or the stamina of an athlete. Come give Wing Tsun Kung Fu a try! There is no pressure of obligation to sign up. We just ask that you come in with an open mind and be ready to learn.

I am currently accepting a limited amount of adolescent and adult students. My classes are purposely kept small so that I can give my students one-on-one attention for quicker skills development. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE. Come try two FREE NO OBLIGATION introductory lessons to find out if Wing Tsun Kung Fu is right for you! Please call or send me an email at the number\email address below to schedule an appointment.

****At this time, I am not teaching children 12 years of age or younger.****


Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 7:45 @ Brightwater Park (Round Rock)

Phone: 512-970-83 92 OR Email:

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What exactly will I learn in the first few weeks?

Can I use my Wing Tsun Kung Fu skills quickly?

Are there any safety concerns when learning Wing Tsun Kung Fu?

What is the difference between Wing Tsun, Ving Tsun, Wing Chun, etc?

What is Chi Sau (sticky hands) training and why is it necessary?

What is the Wooden Dummy used for and when is it taught?


Sifu Robert P

I have trained in the Leung Ting lineage of Wing Tsun Kung Fu since 1989 and have over 20 Years of teaching experience. I have had the privilege and honor of learning from several high profile Wing Tsun Masters and Sifu's (instructors) via regular classes or intensive training seminars. Some of the most noteable include Grand Master Leung Ting, Master Emin Boztepe, Master Rainer Tausend, Master Carson Lau, Sifu David Lesser, Sifu Michael Casey, and many more. More recently I have attended intensive training seminars in San Antonio with Sifu Alex Richter and his excellent team of instructors (Sifu's Nicole and Kaiu) from City Wing Tsun in NYC.

I am presently honing my advanced Biu Tze, Wooden Dummy Chi Sau, Chi Sau sparring (Hong Kong Kuo Sau & Lat Sau), and Chi Gerk Wing Tsun Kung Fu skills via private and group classes under the tutelage of Senior Sifu Glenn Tillman at Alamo City Wing Tsun in San Antonio, Texas.

Previous to Wing Tsun I had trained in Escrima, Kickboxing (Jeet Kune Do style), Silat, Grappling, Muay Thai, and Kali.

I've assisted in teaching hand to hand combat skills to Police and Military and have taught Self Defense courses for Texas Department of Public Safety and Amplify Credit Union.

My deepest respect and gratitude to Sifu Glenn Tillman for his philosophy of constructive sharing and open generosity.


Wing Tsun Kung Fu is featured in the highly entertaining, and recommended 2008 martial arts action movie titled Ip Man. The movie features Hong Kong martial arts superstar Donnie Yen and is loosely based on the life of Grandmaster Ip Man. Wing Tsun is also the Kung Fu system that Bruce Lee studied as a teenager and which was the basis for his Jun Fan Gung Fu and Jeet Kune Do. The movie also has a sequel called Ip Man 2 and a prequel called Ip Man 3. For an idea of what Wing Tsun is all about watch the first movie!! Keep in mind that they are just movies and some exaggerated liberties were taken during the fight scenes and with the story line.

Wing Tsun Article - Fist of the South Star

by Mark Tweedy - Texas Business Weekly, 10/10/95

"If someone grabs your arm, go for their throat. Don't try to break the grip. They want your arm? Fine. Let them have your arm because your going for their throat. The conflict here is with the brain, not the limb. You've got to shut down the brain."

Whoa. That's a little intense for a school night. I'm talking to Robert, Senior instructor for the Austin chapter of Wing Tsun. There are about eight members out on Clark Field tonight, and they're standing toe-to-toe, their hands a blur; like they're playing ancient Chinese version of Patty-cake.

Robert is telling me the basics of Wing Tsun, like the fact that Bruce Lee studied it in developing his own style. The first principle, economy of motion, Robert just covered. All the stuff about shutting down the brain. It does make sense, though. You don't shut off a fan by sticking your hand in the blades.

The second, speed of reaction, is a related topic. Once you contact, you don't stop until one of you isn't moving. No spin kicks, or fancy moves, just a continuous stream of punches and kicks until there's no resistance.

The last is sensitivity. This doesn't mean trying to get in touch with your feelings while you pummel someone into unconsciousness. In this case, it means keeping in contact with your attacker until they are incapacitated. It doesn't sound rational, but it works. As you feel the slightest pressure from your attacker, you flow around the attack and keep pummeling. If they pull a gun, you'll need negotiation skills; but if they touch you it's all over for them.

The thing that strikes me (not literally) about Robert and the rest of the members, is that they are all relaxed, friendly, joking and having a great time. There are no egos here, no posturing. Wing Tsun has no tournaments, no demonstrations, no screams or jumps. They don't even make a fist when they punch - you close your hand but not tightly, like you're holding one of those really big highlighters. The force is coming from your stance and your elbow. And that's enough force to knock someone back, even if they're are bigger than you. Trust me on this one.

Wing Tsun was developed by a woman who fought men much larger, much stronger than she was. And she realized that fighting would only get harder as she got older. Her name was Ng Mui, and she was a Shaolin Buddhist monk (yes, like Kane on Kung Fu). Around the time George Washington and the boys were kicking some British butt for independence, Manchu government troops were laying siege at the Shaolin Monastery. Naturally, Mui, the grand mistress of Spring Plum Flower fist technique, escaped and disappeared into the misty crags of Mt. Sung.

Well now, it all would have ended there if Mui hadn't met a young woman named Yim Wing Tsun (hence, the title), who seemed destined to marry a man she didn't love. Mui took Tsun under her wing and told her to basically agree to marry the evil thug, if he could wait a year. He agreed and in twelve months, Tsun has become a lean, mean, glorious spring time flower fighting machine. Now she added another condition to the marriage. She would not marry a man who could not beat her in battle. You can see the happy ending a mile off.

Of course, none of this helps me to try to hold the fighting stance. "Turn your right foot 45 degrees. O.K., good. Now lean back more". If I lean back more, I'll be sitting. "Now turn your left knee in. See. Now it's impossible for anyone to kick you in the groin". Hey, there's some useful information. " Now, pull your elbows in. More. More. Your elbow should be at the center of your body. This is the hardest part of Wing Tsun. All of us work on it constantly. If your elbow is centered, all attacks come from the outside. You can control the attack and you have a straight shot at the throat. Remember that the shortest distance between two points is the throat."

I tell Robert that I'm ready for sparring now. The other guys look at each other and hold back a chuckle. Puig, as always, is diplomatic. "Well, probably, the best thing for a beginner to work on is the punch. It's actually a cycle of three punches. In a real fight , of course, you wouldn't stop. You keep moving forward, punching, kicking knee or back leg until you shut down the brain".

"Loosen your fist. You've go to relax. If you really want to relax, Wing Tsun is great. It forces you to relax. We don't encourage lifting weights because it makes you inflexible. You can do it, but you'll really have to stretch." As he's talking, I feel my muscles starting to cramp. This is the most uncomfortable thing I've done since my last accounting homework, and he wants me to relax.

"It takes time, but you can do it." He calls over someone who's been doing this for only three months and sets up a mock fight. There's a flurry of motion - hands flying, bodies weaving like snakes, short powerful kicks- and it's over. The three monther is on the ground, laughing. His opponent helps him back up and they talk intensely about what happened.

Robert tells me, "and that's after only three months. Imagine if he fought someone who just tried to punch or grab. There would be no competition."

I better check into this new concealed weapons law.

Images and Video

2001 Wing Tsun Seminar in Austin with Grand-master Leung Ting
2007 Wing Tsun Seminar in Dallas with Master Emin Boztepe
Sifu Alex Richter Wing Tsun Kung Fu Seminar at Alamo City Wing Tsun in San Antonio, Texas
Sifu's Kaiu and Nicole Wing Tsun Kung Fu Seminar at Studio Martial Arts in San Antonio, Texas
Sifu Glenn Tillman Wing Tsun Workshop at Alamo City Wing Tsun in San Antonio, Texas
Sifu Glenn Tillman Wing Tsun Kung Fu Workshop at Alamo City Wing Tsun in San Antonio, Texas
Sifu Glenn Tillman conducted a Wing Tsun Kung Fu ground fighting Workshop at Sifu Ram's Studio Martial Arts school in San Antonio, Texas. NOTE: Sifu Ram teaches kids at his school in San Antonio

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